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I just want to be sure of my history: when you say the Bomb was used three times, I assume you mean the Trinity Test, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki? Not three tactical uses.


...and a tip of the hat to Philo Farnsworth. He is not a member of the vast, unfairly unrewarded engineering/inventor class because he was modestly rewarded.

I do wonder what else he might have come up with had he not spent so much time and energy simply keeping his lab up and operating by always looking for funding or partners.

John Ptak

Jeff: yup, there were three in the early days, including the test shot in the desert.

Rick: yes, old Philo really didn't make it big in the dollars department compared to what everyone else in the tv industry took away. Ditto for Lee DeForest and Francis Jenkins and Arthur Korn.... Funny how the guys who came up with the big techoid ideas got boxed out in the end...


John, do you remember The Walker? He walked all over, but we saw him regularly passing P.S. 29 on Victory Blvd. For some reason, most likely timing of his walks, my strongest image is of him walking down Victory on the other side of the street from the school, headed toward Clove Rd. He wore a long, dark overcoat and walked hunched over looking at the ground directly in front of him. The story was that he had invented something and it was stolen from him and so he had a nervous breakdown and became The Walker. Of course, that was the story among us. That's all I can recall right now.

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