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I love that: paying for the privilege of obscurity or silence. To think how true this is in our lives. The absence of things is not a feature of poverty alone. You want darkness and quiet? Better be rich. You'd think that if you lived in poverty, you'd be free of crime (what do you have to steal?) and attention (who should care about you?), but not so. It's nothing new, I know, but I just like the irony in variations of "less is more." (Or, less costs more.)


I didn't think the statistical graphics were so bad. Easier to read than most webpages. If it had included cigarette smokers, it would have been perfect.

John Ptak

Yes, I agree. It will be the wealthy (whatever *that* will look like) who will be able to afford privacy and silence. I'm sure that we're seeing a very primitive version of this ambivalence to privacy that'll come down like a million pound shithammer in the not too distant future. Yo.

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