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Congrats for an awesome accomplishment!

ps pirro

So much brilliance in one home -- it oughta be illegal. Congratulations on your milestone!

Janey Davis

great writing!I think who ever thought of blogging should be given an award! what a wonderful way to sharing thoughts, ideas and inspire! (Patti's Ohio Mom)


The end of one year - but, ah, the start of the second! Congratulations!

Joan Fowler

Congratulations. I know how hard it is to stay at anything for a whole year. There should be a medal. I have now bookmarked your blog and already read three entries. I will be back.


I've read your blog several times, drawn to it from remarks made on her blog by your lovely wife, Patti. Your blog is always interesting, thought-provoking and makes me want to start a conversation about said-topic. Job well done, and congratulations on your anniversary. Cheers! Beth (wife of CuteDave)


Congratulations, John. (And, may I say, may we all follow Ms. Brilliant's example....) I applaud your wisdom, humor and discipline!!

Jennifer Dempsey

Congratulations! One year is a great milestone in the blogging sphere! May the muses of inspiration continue to give you fresh insights and clarity into the fascinating connections you have been exploring!

Toni Turbeville

Congratulations! Keep up the good work! :)

Rachel Bates

I'm INSPIRED by your year! Took commitment and dedication and a year is a major milestone. I think I'll make a resolution to work at my own blog with earnest and get it up to date! Yippee!

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