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Miss Marshall

You must have deleted my first congrats, so here is congrats yet again. Now, you are also Mr. Amazing, and the Marshalls do not bestow that title lightly.

Peggy Pusch

Quite an accomplishment. I'm very impressed--on several levels, from the number of posts to their content.

Davielle Huffman

Good for you ... one year of ANYTHING in this day and age is worth noting. The fact that it's your BLOG, and life can SOOOOO get in the way of us keeping up with our keeping up of the Blog (I have two ... I know what I'm talking about here), is commendable. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, and wish your lovely bride a very happy 50th from me -- I turned 50 in December, and it was a big deal to me, too !!! -- Davielle in Southern California

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