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Happy anniversary of your blog, dude!!!
aka Lori


This is my first time here, send by Patti. It certainly seems like a fascinating blog. I will check it out now and see if I understand any of your brainy material! Blogging for one year is a big accomplishment. The best of luck in year two!


congrats are in order for your Blogiversary!

Tim (@Twalk) Walker

Congratulations, John - I enjoy your blog (which I found via Patti's a while back).

Cheers from Austin, Texas!


488 posts? Right on! Congrats on your first anniversary. That is a lot of writing.

Steve Sherlock

Congrats, you both are quite good and prolific writers. Keep at it, it is all the more stuff for us to read!




For a bookman, constantly holding the ideas of others and passing them on and by - you are sure a fine communicator in your own right. Congrats, and best wishes to the future.

Viv McWaters

Anniversaries are important milestones - even for bloggers, so well done! I have a bit of a soft spot for scientists - being married to one and all - and a lot of my work is with scientists, so your blog provides lots of inspiration, anecdotes, ideas, and connections. Thanks!
Cheers from a very hot Bells Beach, Australia (and I'm not being metaphorical ;-)


Congratulations on your first year of blog writing! It is not always an easy task to squeeze out the words. I salute you!

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