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The staggering level of hubris necessary to pretend such orders would even matter makes me shake my head in utter disbelief.

The old maxim about war plans and their survival upon meeting the enemy (they don't) says it all.

Take that reality and the slim chance of knowing much of anything as to an expected outcome, and then cube that tiny number--and I'm being generous, as it is probably much less knowable--and you get...well, who knows what you get?

John F. Ptak

Rick--there was a guy, whose name I forget now but is on a piece of paper in a folder in a box somewhere, who in around 1984 was the Last Person Standing in the evacuation office of the old Office of Emergency Preparedness. I tracked his office down by a loose phone number in an old directory that was owned by a sub-chief of that place, a guy named Joseph Coker, whose library (or part of it) I purchased in that year. The phone number led to a number that led to an operator at the Old Executive Office Building who got me to This Guy, a guy who was responsible for getting info out to those who requested it about how to get out of DC when the Big Ones were screaming their way in. There was a pamphlet and a map showing the way out; the plan was something like two even numbers on your car plate would go north; two odds would be south, and so on. Of course there are really only 4 main arteries into (and in this case, out of) DC: 66 (W), and 95 north and south (and 270, but nothing moves on it), and 50, which went east but you didn't want to do anyway. 66 would get really bad at 4 on a workday, and 95 was goofy at almost all times. There was still the beltway to contend with too, which can sometimes be a metal blanket. So here was this guy, with a pamphlet, a map and a plan for getting everyone out of DC in 90 minutes (or less), a left-over guy from 1958, like someone just forget to tell him to go home when JFK was inaugurated, and he just stayed.
So, I do agree with you RICK, that perhaps the greatest of these sins is to fool people into believing that they could survive.


It's a version of "Too Big to Fail."

John F. Ptak

I agree, JD: that's why I am gaining AS MUCH WEIGHT AS POSSIBLE to secure myself against all failure.

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