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A lot of those born-again 'Christians', who assume that they will be saved during the rapture, are going to be terrifically surprised.

I always think one should be humble about ones destination in the after-life.


I recall more about "just"ness than "fair"ness about God in the Bible, and I think of justice as a practical approximation of fairness. This would imply less than omnipotence for God, but I'm willing to accept that it could be voluntary on Her part. I mean, how much does any being really want to do? So, in that vein, it's conceivable that there really is only room for 144,000 in Heaven, in which case God may simply be trying to make 144,000 good choices. You want to try not to make any mistakes, letting some charlatan in when there are so many good candidates available. There's actually a lot of pressure this way, and I would probably put the decision off a long time, especially if I were infinite.

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