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Try again ... I got stuck in a loop trying to submit my comment just now. Type axpvb Type rcvtp Type hahaha

I like how pairs of his predictions are mutually exclusive, and yet both seem to have come true. I like the personalized paper money. The machine-generated religious experience is scary but possible. I hope not probable. The wild people robbing suburbanites made me laugh, but then I realized, that's exactly what's been happening the last few months.

John F. Ptak

In the future Jeff will write more responses.
In the future Jeff won't write at all.
In the future John will wail away at the keyboard.
In the future there will be no communication.
Int he future there will be keyboards and computers everywhere.
In the future no one will have anything to say.
In the future everyone will be connected to everyone else all the time.
In the future we will have little voices in our heads all of the time.
In the future we will pay to be alone.
In the future only the rich will be able to afford silence.

Sorry, and apologies to D. Byrne.


In the future, John will be dead.
In the near future, John will be in an insane asylum if his predictions come true soon.

The last two are all too true right now. It's long been my complaint that only the rich get to live in the dark. To enjoy silence. As if having a margin in our lives and respite from unbidden sensory input is a luxury. No! It is basic to civilized life! (Sorry to shout.)

patti digh

In the future, libraries will be obsolete.
In the future, librarians will be revered as gods.

Take back the part about John being dead, Jeff, or I'll keep on keeping on about librarians and it won't end well.



Yikes! I just got back to town. I hope I'm not too late ... yes, I take back that typo. It was supposed to be: "In the future, John will be dear." Well, not that he isn't now. Maybe I meant, "In the future, John will be dean." THAT's it! Dean Ptak.

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