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I LOVE the idea of using the dot in text the way it's used in music. If only e.e. were alive to do it. Or Gerard Manley Hopkins. But, I guess we'll have to father-forth on our own, creating a new way. GREAT idea.

(sorry to be so EFFUSive. I'm a bit overwrought after last night's celebrations. I won the 2008 Scrabble championship but then went for double or nothing in a game of speed Scrabble, winner (sic) buys the pizza. Laura suckered me. Whipped my b*tt. I gave it away when I actually ignored a triple-word score, which I could have defended. I was so irritated by successive hands of 1-point letters, and when I saw "violin" I threw it down. Speed Scrabble. Tough. And Laura acted as if the bottle of wine was affecting her, but I think it was all show. It's a good lesson to take from 2008.) Congratulations AND thank you for your first year of blogging.

John F. Ptak

Jeff: congrats on the 2008 Scrab Championship and ditto-kudos to Ms. Laura on her Speed Scrab whompin'. I'd have to play "violin" to if I had it.
I want to thank you for reading and for making such fantastic and thought-provoking comments.
Thank you.

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