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John--I read a book about Hofmann. Definitely cold, calculating, and seemingly conscience-free!


I believe that "Thresor admmorable" was actually written by Charles Kinbote, who first published John Shade's poem "Pale Fire." But of course, there's no way to be sure now, since he apparently committed suicide. Maybe.

John F. Ptak

Rick: yessir. He was, is, a dirty bastard deserving of whatever sort of life he's living. Plus there's all of that fraud stuff and the probably many many hundreds of people who are paying the price for that. Thousands, probably. JEFF: I honestly don't know what you're referencing, above my head. The only "Pale Fire" I know without looking it up belongs to Mr. Nabokov.


I was making a witty literary reference to literary hoaxes and Nabokov's Pale Fire and his characters Charles Kinbote and John Shade. It seems not to have been witty.

However, I LIKE religious hoaxes because a hoax of a hoax begins a marvelous recursive journey.

John F. Ptak

Sorry, *I* was trying to be witty about you trying to be witty....talk about recursive. And I agree the religious hoaxes on hoaxes, or better the forgery of a hoax on a hoax, is about as good as it gets. Unless it is forged commentary on a forged painting on a forgery of a hoax of a hoax.

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