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John, that's YOU in a previous life! The pointed toe, the pinky finger, and the neutral face that is still down-turned with knitted brow. Indeed, you steal the show. What do you remember of that time?

John F. Ptak

Well, its remarkable how many "mes" there are out there hiding in dim images of the past--high magnification and squinty-eyed observation of a fuzzy large bald bearded figure will turn just about anyone into the guy in the mirror.


You know, Jeff, you may have hit upon something!

Not only is the body type and face close enough, the figure on the second floor also is embodying the instruction Patti Digh gave to the members of her recent (end of September) retreat group when it came to presenting one's best self in a photo: a thigh and two breasts. Stand with one leg in front (the thigh) and square ones shoulders toward the camera so as to present a clear view of the chest.

I'm pretty sure this advice was aimed more toward the 13 female members of the group than in the direction of Bruce or me, the two guys.

In this case, though, this guy totally has it goin' on!

patti digh

Jeff - it *is* JP, isn't it?!

Rick - I feel fairly certain that the instruction from a model friend given jokingly to retreat-ees was not only intended for all--male and female--but is easily misconstrued, in fact, out of context, as here...


I don't know, Patti...your differing impression of what went on back in September allowed, I still think the guy on the second-floor landing completely embodies your advice, be it offered lightheartedly or not!

The only remaining question is how your model friend (or you) passed the pertinent information back to that JP-clone person decades before any of us were born.

Well...and the other only remaining question (John will accept two 'only's, I'll bet) is how we ended up discussing this without the very subject, himself, participating!

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