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Ah, linoleum floors in the nursery - just the thing!

John Ptak

I guess these rooms looked perfectly okay to everyone in the same way perhaps that not-so-good music that we hear endlessly on the radio get sunk into our noggins. Like it or not, maybe it is just the repetitiveness of something that makes it "known" in our heads, the "known" part then getting confused with it being "liked".


Homes of the 50s and 60s do seem to have been saturated in colors that were anything but relaxing. I'd certainly seen my share of pink or mint green bathrooms. Obviously these schemes were very quickly dated. It is quite baffling to modern eyes that a kitchen full of pink appliances could have been attractive, but I suppose in the same vein, future generations will feel the same about the new spate of bright engine red; "ocean blue" and sunny yellows that have recently cropped up.

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