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The Goahead ... at first, I thought that was Howl's Moving Castle. Didn't they ... I mean, They ... use unmanned balloon bombs in WWII? The Japanese sent them as terrorists to our Pacific coast, I think, though without much effect (I'm just passing along hearsay).

John Ptak

You're right about Howl--they DO look very similar...these are my favorite sorts of flying vessels....Robida's creations too. The Japanese did float over balloons with incendiary stuff as payload (?)....I remember that they used the work of an overlooked Japanese meteorologist to get the "bombs" over the Pacific. I'm pretty sure that nothing ever happened as a result, though they did make it over the ocean. They *did* cause a commotion, which is about as much as they could do, Now if they filled up the sky with such stuff, somehow, now that would be a different matter.


according to my brain a woman and five children were killed by one of the fire balloons. another victory for the magnificent theory of area bombing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_balloon#Single_lethal_attack

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