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Are they completely cutting out the mass of land on which the High Plateau and Rockies sit (stand?), making the Northern Hemisphere narrower? Or are they just shaving them down to be of no greater altitude?

I suppose if the High Plateau and Rockies matter not to Mexico and the Western States either way, the "associates" don't really need to specify why or how they don't exist.

So, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it...

John Ptak

Yes, this is true. Ultimately, these folks are bonkers, as, after all, they're writing this pamphlet to somehow connect the Gulf Stream with making money. But here's the deal: the only reason I spend any time with this insane material is that they usually come across with the delivery of a "wow", a very unexpected thought, something that I wouldn't've thought of on my own. Like right-wing radio. Like in this instance with removing the Rockies--gadzooks! WHat a high-flying bombshell piece of thinking! SO instead of asking something like, "what would've happened if FDR was assassinated in 1943" or something like that, one of these pamphlets might ask "what if everyone but FDR was shrunk to 3-inches tall in 1943--how would that have affected the war effort? How would the war have been fought, and who would've won?" Granted this is Marvel Comics sort of stuff and on the face of it sounds utterly useless, but any time you force your brain to think a little differently, the potential for new thought grows high. USually.


(I've got a paperback copy of Bourbaki about to go in the book sale, if you want it. I think volume one is pretty beat up.)



Just curious. Is this pamphlet something that you still have and available for sale?

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