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Ha! That's hilarious! What fun to imagine a bored sailor taking pen in hand, if I may, after finishing Fanny Hill in a bit of shade on a sweltering foredeck.

John Ptak

I think one should never underestimate the power of boredom. It is, after all, IMHO, the way in which the west was won. (I can see a series of cds or 8-tracks pitching this idea, HARNESS BOREDOM FOR YOUR FULL PERSONAL POTENTIAL!! etc.)


I tell kids sometimes, in the summer when they complain of being bored, that good things can come out of boredom. Just be patient, your mind will come up with something (if you're not staring at the tv or monitor). This is, of course, what some parents fear, but it's worth the risk of trouble to encourage independent thought. Until it's not.

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