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The emptiness of the pages makes me wonder about what is in the dayplanners of the German officials and bureaucrats who ran Poland during this time.

Would you find notations of death ... deadlines, numbers, quotas to be met.

Or were the deaths of millions of individuals so insignificant that they were not worthy of mention in the personal dayplanners of those who planned and acted.

John Ptak

Very thorough records of these crimes exist, kept by the very officious bureaucrats of death. Some part of the noose that strangled the life out of the reborn Hans Frank was made of his own exact numbers.


Yes, official documents of the most detailed nature exist. I wonder though whether about the notations in the private dayplanners of the men and women who worked in government.

Does death and destruction become so mundane that the private dayplanners of bureaucrats are filled with observations about the weather or meals or getting laundry done.

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