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I may know why it doesn't look right. One theory of Amelia Earhart's disappearance has her passing through a Bermuda Triangle-like time warp putting her back nearly forty years. Her influence accelerated the 20th century. She was able to remake her fortune investing early in Bakelite and Cellophane and was renowned for these and other prescient investments. It is believed she helped the Wright Brothers and encouraged them to test their craft earlier than they planned. She also befriended Sarah Breedlove and introduced her to C.J. Walker, and of course invested in their beauty empire. For most of the rest of her life, Amelia wore an Afro in contrast with the hair-straightening products that further increased her fortune. OK, I'll stop.

John Ptak

I'm sure, Jeff, that there's a big logical balloon that's about ready to burst with this line of where's-Amelia reasoning, and I thank you for it. Really. But, well, I've got to confess, you flushed me out at long last. There is only one inescapable conclusion when you follow your lines of ipsofacto to the bitter end, and that is: yes, *I* am Amelia Earhart.

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