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Yes! The sixth leaf! I've noticed this, too. What's Sir Lubbock's email ... I must write him! I'm sure there's more to Sir Lubbock's treatise than: twigs that hold more leaves are thicker. Perhaps some early observations about fractal geometry? Maybe signs of irreducible complexity with which to thwart Darwin? I expect a lot from a Sir ...

john ptak

I'm glad that you asked: John Lubbock's email is john.lubbock@dirtnap.org or you can reach the entire family at all.john.lubbocks@heavencantwaitanymore.org
And there is more to his story than twig thickness=greater leaf canopy but I don't have the time to read it all. I just liked the pretty piture! But you can read the entire thing as google has digitized pretty much all of the Popular Science Monthly--google "sir john lubbock" and "on leaves" and you can read both parts of his contribution.

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