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The cover is much like the art on religious tracts ... the kind with blue skies and smiling nuclear families (father, mother, one boy, one girl) and carnivores and ungulates living peacefully side by side. The last used to p*ss me off until I decided to interprete it as merely a peaceful "moment," when the ungulate is grazing and the carnivore is just lying there waiting to be hungry, which is what they do most of the time. Anyway, it's probably not worth the effort, but it would be interesting to know if this pamphlet played on an existing sensibility in religious commercial art or if came from a secular sensibility that leaked into the religious art. You can still see this today in religious tracts, albeit it with the addition of a certain latte hue to include people of color.

john ptak

You're right, Jeff! Now that I think about it, this odes remind me of the religious track-bric-a-brac of this period. There is a major exception, though--this pamphlet doesn't *smell* like one of those others. This one is actually a pretty high-end production, all glisteny-like and slickee. But I can defintely see where you're headed...

Ian Heller

I think the artist was Herbert Bayer

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