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Go easy on Pliny, though. When he wrote, it had been only 4,000 years or so since the earth was created. We know more now.

John PTak

You're right, Mr. Donlan--Pliny today would be right smack dab in the middle of the existence of Mother Earth. Looking at the issue with a yardstick, the person who would've been halfway between Pliny and the Sixth Day would've made Pliny look like us as we do to Pliny. But don't get me started on Pliny the Younger! (When I first opened my bookstore I wanted to name it Pliny's Zoo and Newton's Revenge. When I applied for my business (in D.C.) license I was told I couldn't get one because I "couldn't have any zoo in Georgetown". There was just no way that I was going to get it past the barricades, so I got the thing in my own name ("what's a PTAK?" (indeed!)) for "selling books of a non-sexual nature". Yup. That's how bookseller's were classified then: sexual and non-sexual. Now *thayt* was a cool piece o' thinking!

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