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Might V be for victoire (victory)?

Might 18=43 actually refer to 1918-1943?

The french have a tendency to drop the '19'. The first world war is referred to as 'la guerre quatorze-dix-huit' and the second world war is called 'la guerre trente-neuf-quarante-cinq'.

The second map of your series reminds me of the introduction to an old british comedy series "Dad's Army".

John Ptak

Thanks, Jasper. No doubt that the 18-43 refer s to the 25 years before 1943--didn't know though about the dropping of the "nineteen". It *is* an odd way to title something, though, even for a piece of propaganda, isn't it?


Where can one find copies of these pamphlets or more detailed information about them?

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