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Silly me--I instantly thought of Mr. Brilliant composing odes to the archane and erudite descriptions of newly discovered ephemera, all while sitting at that desk.

Then, I realized it was not your desk! Dang.

John PTak

Hey there Rick,
I don't know who this Mr. Brilliant guy is but I'm sorry to say that it isn't my desk--I'd *love* to have it though! Actually, I'd love to have that peg that the briefcase (which I'd also love to have) is hanging on. And the lamp. Etc. Actually, I'd love to have the whole thing, put wheels and an engine on it, and then tool around town in my own Pope/Writin'-Mobile. Of course in Asheville I could get away with it and blend in, so long as I didn't pimp it out and paint red flames on the thing.


Well, d*mn, I really wanted to be clever and send a famous image appropriate to this. But I can't find it. And I just saw it recently. It's a painting, perhaps Baroque, showing a famous church figure, perhaps a Saint, working at his "desk" in a large space in a cathedral. He is dwarfed working on this raised platform supporting his desk/office. A beautiful thing. If I can find it, I'll send it. But most likely you'll say, Oh, yeah, that one. And we'll be done.


Here's the picture I mentioned above. It's called "St. Jerome in his study" by de Mesina, from the 1400s. Curiously, the book in which I saw this image published it backwards, unless several websites, including the following, have it backward. But now, I prefer seeing St. Jerome facing the other way.

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