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Ray Girvan

Done properly, a sequel would be very interesting. Even without a counterattack on Mars, the world would be radically changed by the Martin invasion. In particular, following from Wells' lines

"... the generator of the Heat-Rays remains a puzzle. The terrible disasters at the Ealing and South Kensington laboratories have disinclined analysts for further investigations upon the latter."

I find it pretty weird that the study wouldn't have been immediately commandeered by the military, and conducted in more secluded facilities. The balance of power would swing majorly toward whatever nation could get working heat-ray weapons.

On the subject, I highly recommend the graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Book 2, which is a retelling of WotW, and a very dark revisionist take at that. For instance, the Martians dying of Earth germs is revealed to be a cover story for the British goverment's cynical use of bacterial agents regardless of collateral civilian casualties.

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