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Good try, harish. But it's hard to fully express yourself with just the top row of the keyboard. Hang in there, though. You'll find the other keys and then, who knows? Something like "Now is the winter of our discontent" may come out.

John Ptak

Harish: zxxcnvv,vb.v/xz/?
Jeff: you're *such* a seeing reader. I was looking for something hidden, and there it was--ever letter on the top row. I missed it. Bravo!

Rick Hamrick

Operating from the condition of "you see what you are looking for," I know, for certain, that the first image in this post is Future Ptak drawn almost 140 years ago.

I've read The Time Traveler's Wife, so I understand how this is possible.

It also explains the Ptak appearance in the WWI image recently posted.

John F. Ptak

Sometimes you see what you see Rick. I think I'd love to turn into Santa, at least for a little while--I do admit that I might not be what the world wants in a Santa, though. Long way to go on the beard. Ultimately I'm probably too soft for the job--can't see the whole coal-or-Xmas part of it. Anyway Rick it would be a high honor--at least no one has ever gone to war over Mr. C. (I think that Patti would have to go along for the trip, otherwise there might be a lot of splaining to do re Mrs. Claus.)

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