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Two brief passages caused me to linger:

1. "This actually continues into the spring of 1942, when LIFE got really busy, the war got really messy, and people started really dying."

Was the war tidy before 1942? Were people dying in a less real fashion?

The war began in 1939 and was messy from the get-go. People of many nationalities -- including some Americans who joined the Canadian and British military -- were dying in a very real fashion.

2. "Bombenregen ueber England. England muss jetzt allein um seine insel Kaempfen…”

The Germans were wrong in their assertion that England was alone in her fight. Commonwealth countries and colonies were also involved in the war from 1939 onward.

jf ptak

Thanks Jasper. I'm just saying that fighting and casualties started spiking in 1942, not that the war wasn't in any way "real" before that time, not at all. I'm also well familiar with Americans fighting before Pearl Harbor--of the six brothers of my grandmother who fought in WWII there was one, Raymond Dymek (Pittsfield, MA), who enlisted with the RCAF in Montreal, then fighting with the RAF until 1942 when he joined the USAAF.

So Jasper I think that there's no necessary reason to linger on this, but I was probably being a bit too breezy using "really", and I do apologize if I called into question or doubt that there wasn't fighting going on prior to 1942. Thanks for your observant post!

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