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Those crazy power poles from the early days of the distribution of electricity were made even worse by the fact that there were competing electrical systems at the time: Edison was pushing his DC system, the first in general use, over Tesla's (and Westinghouse's--the financial backer) AC.

Edison, in fact, secretly bankrolled the development of the electric chair (designed to use AC) specifically to discredit alternating current as too dangerous for the public to be exposed to.

It took some time, but eventually better technology won out.

Here's a trivia winner for you, John: ConEd, which continued distribution of DC in New York City for many years after AC had won the main battle for supremacy, shut down distribution to their last DC customer on November 14th, 2007!


I don't even understand the two posts you recently submitted, but felt the need to post seeing as your other penname is Mr. Brilliant..which is a horrible mantra I imagine as you certainly have more depth then just being married to Ms. You Know Who..by which I mean NO SLIGHT...I recently found her blog and participated in her ATC submission...but enough about her...I recognize the value of someone posting to your blog and felt to bring a smile and kind feeling to you today. Happy Blogging.

woman of wonder

it's a nervous system..We re-create ourselves in the world...it's all metaphor, micro, macro cosmic gooo
that blows through those Gilliam ducts I am reminded of at least once per moth...

Miss G. Marshall

I'm sorry. I'm just too stupid to read your blog. I would be happy to drink a glass of wine with you though. What's the name of that new cologne?

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