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Frank Wilhoit

Everything that you say about PM is true, but you fail to mention that it, and its perspective, and its manifesto (which you quote), were the single-handed brainchildren of its founding editor, Ralph Ingersoll, previously of the New Yorker and the Lucempire.

John F. Ptak

Yes, that's true, and I should've mentioned that. There is a lot that can be said about "PM", but that was one of those 5- or 10-minute posts, and I just overlooked Mr. Ingersoll. If you ever discover an online source for the run, please let me know! I only have a few issues and a number of articles cut out of the paper, purchased from the estate of that journalist. Elsewhere on this blog is "PM"'s coverage of the Hiroshima bomb, which was an extraordinary and *very quickly* assembled and researched full-issue treatment published the day after. I have no idea how that came to be.

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