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There seems to be quite a large hole in your analysis, that people could be attracted to Communism for positive reasons.

John F. Ptak

Steevotron--I have no doubt that people would join for "positive" reasons, as I'm pretty sure they don't join for negative ones. And as much as I hate the idea of enormous expense to keep oneself alive and clothed and fed and healthy, the Communism I have seen just doesn't seal the deal.

Ray Girvan

OK, it's very difficult to judge historical posters: you can't get into the mindset of readers of the time. But the guy in the poster looks deeply creepy, like the Batman Joker; I can't *imagine* how that image would appeal.

John F. Ptak

Maybe its the idea of the snappy salute that carried the day. ALso its not a poster in "real life" but cover art for a pamphlet that is 8x5 inches. I made it into a poster which just happens to accenuate the Heath Ledger-ness villany of the Young Communist.

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