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Isaac Linder

My first time posting, but I've fallen absolutely in love with your blog in very short order. Thank you so much for this incredible resource.

Just a quick observation on this post regarding the curious perspectival inversion happening between the fourth and fifth day of this manuscript! Was the earth created upside-down before coming to rest right-side-up? Of course these deictic markers have no meaning in the vastness of the universe, but I'm wondering if you have any hunches on what would account for this? It's almost as if the manuscript is illustrated from Gods perspective, looking down on the earth, before coming to rest as we humans encounter it.

Jeff Donlan

This inversion between the 4th and 5th day was when God flipped the magnetic poles, after realizing the original orientation was a mistake. This was also when He realized it would be easier simply to invent Evolution and let It make the decisions.

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