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Rick Hamrick

It is impossible to concoct a more-perfect set of circumstances, isn't it? A man of his brilliance shining at a time when global communications were such that he could progress to the point of having his dissertation ready without being known at all (I don't think that would be possible today), and, of course, a singular mind at the height of its power just as he is first introduced to the world.

It all lined up!

I am old enough to have seen Feynman at Caltech, but not old enough to have seen Einstein there. He helped put Caltech on the map as a legitimate home for important work in physics by visiting three years running in the 1930s.

John F. Ptak

Its an interesting question about how or if the E papers could've been published , or at the very least his dissertation. Certainly being unknown (even though E did have 4 papers published up to 1904) and not using footnotes or refs would've played against the man. I'm of course unsure about what the equivalent of his 4 papers might be interms of 2010. // And it was extraordinary that the man was waiting for everything to happemn in the summer/fall of 1905, waiting for stuff to appear...though I also doubt that he was waiting at all. I doubt that there was any doubt at all.

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