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Jeff Donlan

Kantner has a strike against him in a Scrabble match. Nothing for j, x, y, & z?

The picture for "bomb" is enigmatic. What kind of bomb do you think it depicts?

John F. Ptak

The "j" is problematic here; didn't find any, a holdover from the 18th c. Very odd. Probably Scrabble wasn't high on Kantner's mind, though god only knows why--the fact that it wasn't yet invented is no excuse. And the bomb is enigmatic, esp if wasn't identified--I do recognize it as a type whose name I can't recall, the "v" shape actually being a place for a fuse. They use them in Pirates of the Caribbean I, Ar.

Jeff Donlan

Arrr! I'm glad you're getting in the mood. Talk Like a Pirate Day is just a month away.

John F. Ptak

Slap me thrice and call me Mother! When arr isn't it arrr a good arrr time arr to arrr talk arrr like arrr a Pirate? Arrr? A?r?r?
That bomb was actually more like a hand grenade.

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