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Jeff Donlan

John, these are time-honored ideas without which we would not have had movies such as "A Boy and His Dog" or "Total Recall." Very important. And then there's "Tremors," which has nothing to do with this, but it's partly underground, anyway.

John F. Ptak

Yessir, that's true, but these things were movies--books even, or booklet, or pamphlets, or comic books, or sumpin' fictiony. I'd've liked the Newman ideas just fine if he just came right out with it and said that he did the whole thing from his bathtub and intended it all to stay right there, except that it didn't, and worked it into a Star Trek episode or whatever, folks fighting over the umpteenth-time that a Landru biography was shown in CINERAMA on the sphere's dome. ANyway it was a serious idea, though in inent and name only. It does have the makings of a bruce willis thing, monster underground skyscraper (?) on fire and sinking into honeycombed wrecks of the lost civilization of Mole People, all of whom were also on fire *and* sinking, and so on down the line, all the way down, a swaying reverse-topwer of flaming turtlesd.

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