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So, yeah, we've ordered a copy of Melancholy to add to our public library's extensive collection of unread books. However, my name is first on the list, and I shall spend some time with it, on and off. I've been wanting to for ages. (Actually, we don't have that many unread books, but I was just weeding books that went out, say, 3 times in their stay here and haven't been read in 3 or more years, and among them are many excellent works and it pains me of course but what can one do but why not, buy a goddamn big car, drive, he sd, for christ's sake, look out where yr going.)

John Ptak

Well. I'd not read this while driving, unless you were driving a car with a bench seat in front that would sit three easily, driving across the desert with cool refreshment. It really is I think as close as you can come to reading a fantastic hyper-smart wanting-to-be-read book that is unreadable. SO: what IS the percentage of unread books? SOunds like a beginning of stocking a different sort of Borgesian libby. Or my bookstore.

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