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This topic has great resonance with me, John--I cannot imagine all the magical art which has been lost in only a couple of decades, the art of my own four daughters.

I recall one piece in particular: my eldest drew a live monolith made up of a dozen or more stacked people and creatures. What I remember was the clown who was right next to the top, and, on top of the flower which emerged from the clown's hat was an alligator pointing straight up, balanced on his tail upon that flower.

No idea what came of that marvelously imaginative flight of fancy.

Somehow, I have 25 lbs of papers which are the handouts from dozens of concerts and plays and events of all types...and very little of the stuff which would be far more entertaining now, now that those little girls are all grown.

I guess you could say I am testimony and example as to why you are finding so little, John! Make sure you keep a bunch of Tess's works from right now.

John PTak

Very interesting monolithic creation by your daughter, Rick! Believe it or not images of larger beings composed of smaller beings (like LEviathan) is something that I've paid attention to over the years--and believe me such stuff is not common. Burning Man doesn't count. Maybe you could get her to recreate the thing--a little hollow I know but still by the hand of the artist. Very creative!
And we have probably every other artwork/scribble that the girls have ever done. They'll be happy to have them at some point in the (for me)fast-approaching future.


I've long been fascinated by the drawings of Onfim, a small boy who lived in medieval Novgorod. Basically because they show that small boys have always been small boys! They can be seen here: http://slavic.freeservers.com/onfim.html And this is an example of the actual objects: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/133240908/in/set-72057594114359895/

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