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Is it possible this and maybe many others are actually coded messages?

The premise could be as simple as the first letter of every X word, or as complicated as the need to have a template-decoding-page (which would tell the recipient which letters would need to be extracted).

The era and the fact that it appears to be almost pure gibberish indicates this is a possibility.

What do you think?


Fascinating idea. And it's appealing, too, for being either (i) a secret truth, or (ii) one more layer of Outsider Logic. I'm still smiling about it.

John Ptak

Sometimes things are so deeply encoded, and spoken in such a secret language, that even the code-makers and speakers have no idea of what is going on, the secret even secret to them, and they're the ones who are creating it. The secret of the missing secret, here, is that it is secret, and missing. Mostly missing. But that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy it.

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