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Thanks for that montage; the curve-round-arch-sphere theme was especially pleasing to me.

John Ptak

Thanks. Check out the Greenaway film--its a wonderful BAD Great movie.


What a compelling montage - these images have always seemed to me to create some sense of great longing and mystery. They are in so many ways similar, and so grand, really large and out of scale. How strikingly different from today's visionaries, who seem to often adore chaos. The anti-sphere.

I am much less familiar with Lequeu, so thanks for that too.

I was just gifted the Greenaway film for Christmas - it still sits on my stand unopened. Not much longer, I see!

John Ptak

AHA! The anti-sphere is something I like writing about--the dot, that is. Thanks for your comments--and you're right, these buildings are by and large really big, beyond human scale. Although there are big swaths of proposals by Ledoux that are on the very personal, workaday scale--buildings for workers and such. Garden houses. Lequeu went that way too occasionally, but his buildings were still monumental and difficult, even though small(ish).


Hi, erm im just wondering if you can list out all the names of the art/paintings? i want to know the name of the 'architecture painting' that they did. Thanks

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