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That was a great way to start the day. All of those titles are gems. Notes on Reading Aloud is wonderful (and lovely to see), and The Book of Envelope Facts is remarkable and seductive for its presumption alone. I know I could not pass it up if I saw it in a shop. (Of course, it could have been handed out by the thousands at trade shows 60 years ago, but nevertheless.)

John PTak

I know! I did make fun of Envelope Facts, but, well, it is a great book on envelopes. Not long on history, but all of the practical (1945 or whatever) stuff that you needed or had a need to know was there. Like that flagpole painting book I mentioned here long ago--just a very well done thing. The Reading Aloud pamphlet IS very nicely designed, you're right. These were serious people; folks who wouldn't have gotten this country into the fix it is in right now, I tell you what.


I meant to say, too, that I like the way Saturn seems to be going into a a black hole. It looks like our mimeograph art from P.S. 29.

John Ptak

It DOES look a PS 29-ish, more like a small ball in a drain than a planet. Didn't see that at all until you mentioned it; now that's all I can see in it. Funny how that works....

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