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I bet Emma could square a circle with some computer graphics. A few appropriate quaternions, and you're done. As for legislating a point in space, I suppose it's effectively been done, at least with a line, in accepting the Prime Meridian, which is not so fixed after all, what with plate tectonics and all. And then there's legislating against truth in the name of Truth with *nt*ll*g*nt d*s*gn and the like. And that Texas law about defaming agricultural products? Truth is not a defence. And then there are the Blue Laws, which legislate that certain points, and curves, and surfaces shall not touch or overlap.

John Ptak

Wow. Very good. Do the people in Salida know what they have in that libby? "Truth is not a defence" is compelling, as many so-called slander/libel cases will illustrate, though the Int*ll*g*nt D*s*gn people take refuge in there as well.

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