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I know I mentioned a few of interest to me, John, but I'm also curious about "Kurt Goedel’s Psychiatric Cheat-Sheet and the Formalization of Boredom’s Logic." In particular, the logic of boredom. I think there is a compelling logic to it that should be explicated. So much good comes out of boredom that the fearful reflex against it has to be the result of a conspiracy, one that must be discovered and revealed at all cost, albeit with minimal effort, I hope.

John Ptak

Indeedy! Boredom was co-opted almost out of existence in 2000, action taking the place of what might sometimes have passed as thought or semi-thoughtful action. I could've gone for the last eight years being boring, to tell you the truth. But Boredom's stock has gone down, which would make sense if all other stocks had gone up; but they're all bad now, trading at a loss--at least with the Old Boredom you wouldn't lose stock value. PATTI has just reminded me that in our three *miracle shelves* of books is a work by Patricia Spacks called "Boredom, the Literary History of a State of Mind" , Chicago, 1995. There is a chapter here called"The Ethics of Boredom" which I will read tonight, god willing. (There is a much fuller lit evidently on ennui, boredom's better-bread and richer cousin on its mother's side.)

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