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patti digh

And *this*, my dear man, is why I fell in love with you, married you, had babies with you, and intend to grow old with you.


I love the idea. We live in such a disposable society. Perhaps if we honored what do discard, we would discard less, and consume less. Great post.

Sarah Morgan

What a beautiful idea. It validates all the emotion the children invest in their toys, and teaches them something about consumerism besides. I wonder how many parents shrug off their child's crying about a broken toy, and how many really give it a moment.


Sarah brings up a good point. This post is for parents. Children feel the grief, but I think many of us reflexively say, "It's OK" and "We can get another." The reflex is to spare our loved ones pain instead of helping them to feel it properly. The best thing about this is not the chance for a lesson but rather taking seriously a child's deeply emotional response to the world.

Rick Hamrick

Jeff nailed it--particularly American, the idea of skipping past grieving by buying something in replacement is a tragic teaching of emotionally stunted people, passing along their inability to simply be sad, feel that sadness, and process it.

My wife has a marvelous ability to simply cry her way through feeling loss, sometimes a general sense of loss she is unable to pinpoint. She has helped me touch that place inside myself where deep feelings reside and wait patiently for their turn to be expressed.

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